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Transmoderna | Dixon @ Boiler Room

We are streaming to you from Boiler Room tonight at 10pm CET. Dixon music selection stems from a string of unreleased tracks. In support of their producers, each track you hear will be made available on Bandcamp during the stream with all the proceeds going directly to the artists. The stream also reflects our love for the virtual. It is the lovechild of the coding and the clubbing communities. What you see is a meticulously crafted mixed reality environment Aaron Jablonski, Timur Novikov, Giusy Amoroso and Maxi Milane worked on very hard the last days. Should we make this available for you to wander and wade in after? Join us in solidarity of the music and the makers that will propel us through these wavering times.

– Transmoderna

#stayhome #saveourscene