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Radiohead | Live From A Tent In Dublin, October 2000

Radiohead 1

Radiohead ?e objavljivati ??jedan koncertnu video snimku tjedno dok se ne ublaže ograni?enja proizašla iz trenutne situacije ili dok ne ponestane koncertnih video zapisa. to ?e biti prvo?? Nitko to ne zna.

Ovaj koncertni video zapis snimljen je na trkalištu Punchestown, okrug Kildare, Irska.

Produkcija & režija: Dilly Gent
Montaža: Quin Williams
Glazba: Radiohead
Rasvajeta: Andi Watson
Zvuk: Jim Warren
Vizuali: Ed Moore
Fotografija šatora: Dan Holdsworth


Radiohead will be releasing one concert recording a week until either the restrictions resulting from current situation are eased, or we run out of shows. Which will be first? No-one knows. This one is recorded at Punchestown Racecourse, County Kildare, Ireland.

Produced & Directed by Dilly Gent
Edited by Quin Williams
Music by Radiohead
Lights by Andi Watson
Sound by Jim Warren
Screens by Ed Moore
Tent photo by Dan Holdsworth


0:00 The National Anthem
5:23 How To Disappear Completely
12:32 Morning Bell
16:45 Idioteque
21:21 Optimistic
26:15 In Limbo
31:21 Paranoid Android
38:07 Motion Picture Soundtrack
41:48 Everything In Its Right Place
49:58 Just

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