R+: LIT Local Innovation Talks 2020 WrapUp

#LIT Kickoff 13 January 2021 live at 1200CET* with a 2020 WrapUp/ live and recorded, *click this link *

Join us for 2021 #HeadwareUpdates –

inspiring people and places, for you and with you, included

LIT Local Innovation Talks live and recorded on

LIT Kickoff 13 January 2021 live at 1200CET* with a 2020 WrapUp.

Berlin/ Brussels/ Zagreb are CET/ Central European Time

*0300PST 0600EST 11GMT 1200CET 1300EET 1630IST 1900SGT 2000JST

8 LIT live sessions at 1200CET on the last Wednesday in February, March, April, May, September, October, November and December.

LIT focuses on #digitalization, #remotework, #digitalnomads, #empoweringchildren, #healthyliving, #headware, #education, #leadership, #communication, and #collaboration.

LIT Local Innovation Talks 2020 WrapUp

The LIT team has a track record of leading, and inspiring innovation, and seeing innovation before others do.

LIT is bringing the knowhow and dohow of international #thoughtleaders to local people and places.

eAWESOME is a growing team of great minds who collaborate, boosting a better tomorrow, anytime, anywhere – Digital Nomads included.

Being AWESOME rocks – committed to growing and glowing.


“He is one of the best.”
“Industry experts refer to RTZ as the ?Michael Moore of the Balkan?, with a great touch for the human story.”
“His passion and perseverance to explore all facts of his cases, and his style of sharing the facts, are impressive.”


“An exceptional collaborator.”
“The most competent and inspirational young woman I’ve ever worked with.”
“Strong reputation in the educational community.”


“Perpetuum Mobile for Innovative Solutions.”
“Humble Humanitarian Visionary.”
“An Eternal Student.”


?Go[es] the extra mile to
solve a problem.?
?Detail Oriented.?
?Pays it Forward with his Skills and Experience.?


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